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Self-sacrifice, Oriental mysticism, racial “truth,” the public good, doing one’s duty—these are among the seductive catchphrases that circulated in pre-Nazi Germany. In The Cause of Hitler’s Germany—previously published as part of his 1982 book The Ominous ParallelsLeonard Peikoff, Ayn Rand’s long-time associate, demonstrates how unreason and collectivism led the seemingly civilized German society to become a Nazi regime.




Introduction by Ayn Rand


1 The Cause of Nazism

2 The Totalitarian Universe

3 Hitler’s War Against Reason

4 The Ethics of Evil

5 United They Fell

6 The Emotionalist Republic

7 The Nazi Synthesis

8 The Culture of Hatred

9 The Killers Take Over

10 Hitler in Power

11 The Concentration Camps


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